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T-Mac 5 (2005)

AGENCY | Carat
CLIENT | Adidas
CATEGORY | Online Ad Campaign

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 3
Design/Art Direction 4
Animation/Execution 5

T-MAC 5 was the fifth shoe campaign in the series. The challenge for me was to leverage the existing print campaign and the storyline adidas already had with an appealing animation. The story was about Tracy McGrady got trained on Mercury, the #1 planet closest to the Sun. Shooting stars with explosion were used to create a cinematic effect to pop the shoe and T-Mac more. That matched the theme of the outer space while it’s a cool way to introduce the “legendary T-Mac” of their fable. This online ad was passed along internally in adidas before going live. The feedback from the client was “the best online ad they’ve ever seen which leverages the offline campaign as well.”


I also created a microsite for video trailer of TMac 5 commercial. The purpose is the show the “trailer” of the TV commercial while we also introduce the show and the story behind the campaign.

700x500 HD version of ad

T-Mac 5 Microsite

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