top of page and Facebook Page (2011)

CLIENT | Clorox - PineSol
CATEGORY | Website + Facebook Campaign

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 2
Design/Art Direction 4
Animation/Execution 4 was a redesign of their original website. The site was designed and built in a grid with a lot of different modules to create a contemporary look and feel for the cleaning fans. Along with a very successful Facebook page campaign, the traffic of the website was 11 times more than the original old website. In 3 months, the number of fans on the Pine-Sol Facebook fan page was boosted from 0 to over 50,000 by August, 2011. This was one of the most successful campaigns among many Clorox product and definitely more Pine-Sol users already engaged to be loyal fans of Pine-Sol. My role was to design layout of the whole site and created every single module for different contents on the site.

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