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AGENCY | Big Timer Inc 
CLIENT | Big Timer Inc
CATEGORY | Facebook Messenger Bot

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 5
Design/Art Direction 5
Product Management 5

MemeChicken is a Meme Creation tool on Facebook Messenger that lets user create a meme in seconds with any pictures, including the user's own pictures. After some research on user experience, I looked into what users would like to do on Messenger, and then came up with an idea that could work better with the FB messenger platform. I worked with my engineer partner Bigi Lui and made it a very simple experience for normal user to make memes using their own pictures.


MemeChicken got 70,000+ installs in just 1 month after launch and it's still growing. 

Facebook Messenger link:

MemeChicken made it to an article featured in VentureBeat after launched for a week, and became the top 5 bots on

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