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Impossible is Nothing (2004)

AGENCY | Carat
CLIENT | Adidas
CATEGORY | Online Ad Campaign

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 1
Design/Art Direction 3
Animation/Execution 5

*2004 Second Annual MSN Emmessennys Award -
1st place in Branding.
This was one of my most critical projects in my career. This was the very first online advertising effort by Adidas. This was also the first streaming video banner ad on both Yahoo! and MSN. This was the first video banner ad our company ever created. We had a new but very small team, tight budget, 1 week turnaround time and we had no experience with the team, the client and the technology. We didn’t have enough resources and assets. However, the results of the ads were amazing. It sets the record of clickthroughs on both Yahoo! homepage and MSN homepage. It was the most viewed online ad ever. The success also led adidas to put more efforts on online advertising since then.

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