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Clorox PPD Rich Media banner ad (2013)

AGENCY | Clorox(In-house)
CLIENT | Clorox Professional (PPD)
CATEGORY | Online Ad Campaign

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 5
Design/Art Direction 5
Animation/Execution 1

Clorox Professional (PPD) is a high-end brand for medical professional. It’s basically a B2B line of Clorox and I was heavily involved in creating a lot of their online promotional materials in a regular basis. Usually PPD online materials are relatively dry and informative. This rich media ad was one of the more interesting ad campaigns because the client would like to make an in-ad game to introduce a series of new products in the medical media sites. The ad had very positive feedbacks from the target audience in the medical field because of its engaging game element.

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