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a3 Megaride (2004)

AGENCY | Carat
CLIENT | Adidas
CATEGORY | Online Ad Campaign and Website

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 4
Design/Art Direction 4
Animation/Execution 4

*2005 Third Annual MSN Emmessennys Award - 2nd place in Branding. After a long period of storyboarding and many revisions, the online banner ad had become one of the most click through ads. The theme was to introduce the shoe a3 Megaride with its durability. So we decided to use seasons or weather to represent the show can last very long. We had several different approaches and the client finally picked this concept of the show “going through” the seasons. With help of an engineer, we created a really dynamic, while literal piece of work that attack thousands of people to click into the landing page, which was also built by our team as well.


a3 Megaride Landing page


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