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Potlatch 2001 Annual Report Show

AGENCY | Pentagram Design
CLIENT | Potlatch Paper
CATEGORY | Website

INVOLVEMENT (5 as the highest)
Concept/Strategy 1
Design/Art Direction 3
Animation/Execution 4

This is a website for Potlatch paper company that uses a functional, elegant interface to appeal to its target audience of graphic designers and print producers. I was able to design and develop many parts of it. One of my favorite pieces was 2001 Annual Report Show. Please click on the link on the right to check out the show. This website is one of the bigger projects I was able to work on in Pentagram.

However, Potlatch paper was acquired by another company after 2003. So the website didn’t last long. This project could only be found on Pentagram’s archive, and in the latest update, they already pulled the site off.

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